Graeme Fordyce is driven to elevate the experience of mobile and web applications with a user journey and goals-based approach. Recently he was VP of Design Research at Rocket Mortgage and ran a team consisting of UX Research, Information Architecture, and Native Mobile UX/UI. His UX Research team conducted generative and evaluative studies for multiple LOBs and pods, supporting Product and Design. He built the research team from a small crew of UX Strategists in the Design org and doubled its size while pursuing a maturity model and scaling evolution plan. The IA team supported all products in the B2C, B2B, Team Member, and platform space. His Native Mobile team supported the Rocket Mortgage consumer app on iOS and Android.

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Prior to Rocket Graeme was VP of Product and UX for the Catalyst team at Endava, a group dedicated to connecting product, customer experience, and engineering phases of digital delivery from strategy through to execution. Client initiatives involve defining tenets of scalable CX practice and product methodology, including research, design, branding, and content strategy, and guiding enterprise design initiatives from inception to fruition in market. Focus industries in this role include data, healthcare, education, and management consultancy among others. Before that he was VP of UX at QuanticMind, a Redwood City startup focused on machine-learning algorithms for SEM bid optimization. Even further back, he ran User Experience Design for the core US business in American Express's Consumer Products and Services Division, building a full-stack UX team that worked on innovation projects and launched a paradigm-shifting redesign of the mobile consumer app.







Graeme has been working in hands-on, tactical aspects of user research, information architecture, user interface design, visual design, content, and branding since the late 1990s in industries ranging from financial to search to entertainment. Over the past decade he's been in executive roles building full-stack UX teams for corporate and start-up businesses.

Graeme has a successful history building teams from the ground up and proving the value of UX in competitive business landscapes. His teams focus on user-centered design principles and customer empathy, working within agile, cross-functional Product/Design/Engineering software development processes. His teams forge robust, data-driven solutions by embracing the breadth and depth, ideology, and methods of practical UX – analyzing usage, talking to customers, design thinking (ideation, expression, iteration), and vetting product visions through prototyping.

Graeme has spent time in both large and small companies working collaboratively with Business, Product, Engineering, Marketing, and Brand. His experience with reconciling user needs, business needs, scope, cost, and time have been proven time and again by producing significant, measurable results in key metrics and end-user satisfaction.

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